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I just updated my website ( to reflect my priorities for communication as Commissioner. I wanted to address information needs I had when I was a private citizen who wanted to get involved in county government. Here’s what you will be able to find on my website going forward: . Information about how county meetings work and when/where you can attend them . Updates on upcoming county agenda items and hearings . Resources for Spanish speakers (coming soon) . Information and updates about my work as Commissioner in general . Check it out! I will also share the updates via Facebook and Instagram, but I want to make sure that everyone can access this information even if they don’t follow social media. . Someday (soon!) I hope Yamhill County itself will employ a communications official to extend this same kind of public-oriented communication through an improved county website and social media presence, but for now I am going to do what I can to connect you to your government TODAY. . What else would you like to know about how Yamhill County functions and how you can get involved? . #communication #getinvolved #yamhillcounty

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