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Young people! READ THIS! Those of us under 50 years of age statistically turn out to vote at a MUCH lower rate than people over 50. Hoorah for those folks over 50 — they’re doing an awesome job at participating in our democracy and have set a great example! . But, today, I want to directly address those of us UNDER 50. If you are not already a regular voter, IT IS TIME to get into the habit! WHY?!?! Decisions made today, at all levels of government, will affect you for decades to come. With so much life left to live, the possible ramifications of today’s governing will disproportionately affect many decades of YOUR LIFE, not to mention the life of your children and grandchildren. . I understand why it can feel hard to prioritize voting for people who are 18-50 years-old. These are VERY full years of life. We are busy getting an education, establishing careers, finding our partners, setting up our homes, raising children, and possibly caring for aging family members. . However, we also bring to the table the perspective of people who are in the thick of it, who are on the ground, seeing how the world is changing rapidly around us and wanting to plan for the coming future decades. This is why I am running for office. I feel that the younger generations have tremendous insight to offer on what matters NOW and will make a difference for the near and far future. . Not every young person can or should run for office, but all young citizens can (and SHOULD) vote. When young people show up at the polls, it DOES make a difference. . So, what’s step 1? Make sure you are registered! You can register in Oregon through 5 pm Tuesday, October 16. Register online NOW at vote.gov . Step 2: acquaint yourself with the candidates and issues. If you feel overwhelmed, check with a trusted friend for guidance. . Step 3: VOTE! In Oregon, it’s easy. They mail you a ballot; you fill it in with a pen; and then mail it or drop it off by 8 pm on Tuesday, November 6. . Three simple steps, and you can make a profound difference by making your voice heard through the democratic process. You live here. Be heard. . #vote #democracy #beheard #engage #participate #votekullanov6 #letsdothis

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