As future Yamhill County Commissioner, my priorities will be planning ahead, valuing our county’s natural resources, and being an advocate for people who need it in our community.

Planning ahead

As Yamhill County Commissioner, I will lead active planning for the future of our community by:

  • Intentionally addressing our county’s predicted growth and the potential impacts on housing, safety, and employment as well as lifestyle and regional identity
  • Updating our county’s leadership structure (five commissioner board) and physical infrastructure, including: committing more resources for roads (for example, paving costly-to-maintain gravel roads and developing safe bicycle/pedestrian routes); upgrading county buildings; making current the county’s web and social media presence; and potentially developing new water and power systems for county residents
  • Actively preparing for potential disasters, such as earthquakes, and climate related changes, such as extended droughts and wildfires

Valuing natural resources

As Yamhill County Commissioner, I will lead conserving and valuing Yamhill County natural resources by:

  • Upholding Oregon’s land-use vision, by prioritizing farming and forestry — in all of their diverse manifestations — in planning policies and decisions
  • Recognizing the potential for overlapping and co-existing uses of our county’s open spaces, especially education and recreation — particularly by seeing to completion the development of the Yamhelas Trail and other such education, recreation and tourism-based opportunities
  • Acknowledging land uses that have run their course of benefit for our community and taking measures to thoughtfully and carefully work toward their closure, such as the Riverbend Landfill

Advocating for people

As Yamhill County Commissioner, I will lead listening, respecting, and responding to the voices of community members by:

  • Actively advocating through policies and language for people who have directly approached me with feelings of being unheard or unsafe in our county, including but not limited to: residents of historically underserved regions (such as the West Valley); LGBTQ peoples and youth; immigrants and their friends and families; and others who approach me in the future
  • Following through on commitments to neighbors of contested land-use projects, by strengthening and ensuring enforcement of conditions of approval
  • Respecting the vital work of all Yamhill County employees through fair negotiation, management and compensation, with the goal of retaining and affirming our county’s most important resource: the experienced, skilled people who serve all of Yamhill County’s residents

What is important to you in Yamhill County? If you don’t see your issues represented here, contact me!