Commissioner Olson’s endoresment

Farmers & entrepreneurs in Yamhill County

What a beautiful afternoon yesterday was for harvesting! Mild sunny days are especially awesome because farming can be hard work. Not only do farmers work in all kinds of weather, but they also manage the complexity of a resource-based business.

In our thirteen years of operating our farm on Grand Island, we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with farmers from around Yamhill County. I have been amazed at the endless ingenuity and creativity of Yamhill County farmers, many of whom are true innovators in their fields. Farmers in our community grow and raise a wide range of crops and livestock, often balancing multiple enterprises in one business, spreading the needs of different crops on many parcels of land.

Yamhill County is an agricultural county in its history and in its thriving present economy. The farms that make for a beautiful landscape for all also provide an essential driver to our economy, by providing jobs but also by providing the essential economic force that comes from locally-based businesses. Farmers support other businesses too through their work, as they work with local vendors, mechanics, and more.

As future Yamhill County Commissioner, I am 100% committed to supporting and sustaining our local agricultural economy, including upholding Oregon’s land-use laws. I am also 100% committed to nurturing and encouraging more such locally-grown industries and business across sectors here in Yamhill County. Who knows who could found the next Betty Lou’s or A-Dec?

Entrepreneurs, be they farmers or otherwise, bring commitment, energy, and spark to our economy.

The islands of Yamhill County

Check out this map from the county’s Office of Emergency Management — the bridges of Yamhill County could create the ISLANDS of Yamhill County. Here they’ve identified all 22 bridges that are in need of repair/replacement and would likely be compromised in a large-scale earthquake. The areas of color represent regions of Yamhill County that would be cut off from each other in the event that all these bridges are damaged, effectively creating 15 large islands.

That’s a lot of islands, folks!

Looking ahead, we need to prepare for the potential of such a disaster and what effects it would have on everyone in this county. What are plans we can put in place TODAY to prepare?

First, we can ensure that there are emergency supply centers in each of these islands. Secondly, we can strategically budget for the repair and replacement of the bridges that create these islands.

Planning ahead in this way will take political will and dedication of funds, but it is fiscally responsible to maintain and improve our infrastructure.

As farmers, my wife and I have learned the truth of the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We have never borrowed money to operate our farm, but we have always been willing to save and spend the money necessary to ensure continued smooth operation of our infrastructure and systems — and upgrading in a conscientious and measured way over the years.

As your future Yamhill County Commissioner, I will bring that same steady, grounded understanding of financial responsibility to budgeting and planning for our county’s future, so that we can avoid becoming the “islands of Yamhill County” and instead continue to grow as a thriving, prepared, and connected community.

These bridges represent one immediate need in the county — what other areas for maintenance or improvement do YOU see in our community? I am listening.

Sign time!

It’s sign time! If you haven’t yet, it is time to get those Kulla signs out of storage and back in your yard!

Remember that all signs need to be placed on private property WITH permission of the owner/renter. Make sure that they are clearly ON the property and not in the right-of-way. In town, this means put them on the house side of the sidewalk. For best installation, use a hammer to drive the stake solidly into the ground!

Want a sign? Let me know! We have more being made and can get one to you soon. (Contributions for more sign production costs are also welcome!)

Thank you, everyone!

Thank you to all