A park visit

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I am not officially Commissioner until I am sworn in on January 7th, but in the meantime I am keeping plenty busy attending meetings and meeting with people now so that I can hit the ground running in 2019. . On today’s schedule was meeting with everyone at the County Assessor’s office and attending the County Parks Advisory Board meeting. . And, speaking of parks, I also recently started another fun project: visiting with fresh eyes every Yamhill County Park over the next few months. . Just after Thanksgiving, I visited Deer Creek Park with the whole family and some friends, including a naturalist who provided extra insight into the ongoing native prairie restoration project there. We checked out the boardwalk (still in progress) and marveled at the abundant lichen hanging from the branches and falling on the ground. The kids picked some up and found some creative uses for it! . Which park should we visit next? . #yamhillcounty #latergram #preparing #researching #weloveparks #teasel #lichen

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Election night

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The polls close here in Oregon in just under four hours, and I’ve been handing out “I voted” stickers to everyone I see today (and wearing one myself). . When I filed for Yamhill County Commissioner this February, I had no idea what kind of journey I had begun. I filed because I saw a need for a different kind of voice in county government — for more of an open door and listening ear. . Since then I’ve had the true honor of meeting people from around the county and hearing their stories and working side-by-side on this campaign effort. Countless people have dug in and committed themselves to steering our county in a fresh, new direction. . And in these recent days, I have seen the outpouring of people heading to ballot drop boxes. By all accounts, voter turnout is going to be high here in Yamhill County, including the younger folks! (Woo hoo!) As has been clear through the whole election season, people care deeply about our shared home. . Thank you. As I look ahead to tonight’s election results, I am filled with gratitude for our community. . Now, if you haven’t yet, go turn in your ballot!!!! You have until 8 pm!!! . #electionnight #letsdothis #vote #yamhillcounty

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