January 17 meeting

Noteworthy items on this Thursday’s agenda:

  • Weekly open public comment period (3 minutes per person)
  • Discussing/voting whether to adopt an Inclusivity Proclamation for Yamhill County
  • Discussing/voting whether to approve design for three foot bridges on Yamhelas Westsider Trail
  • Discussing/voting whether to form task force for exploring moving county offices to new location
  • Discussing 2019 Commissioner liaison responsibilities

Important: This is NOT an official Yamhill County posting. This is a summary of meeting agenda items that I, as County Commissioner, think would be especially of interest to the public. For official Yamhill County postings and complete meeting agendas, visit the official website here.

One Reply to “January 17 meeting”

  1. The bike trail bridges should not be approved. LUBA just remanded the permit and process back to the county. There is pending litigation on ownership of the trail. There are many hurdles that need to be over come before the county throws more money at this project. Let’s fix up our current parks before we add more tax burden. As a farmer you should walk a mile in the farmers that will be directly effected by the trail. Have you considered putting a small bike trail on your farm? The roads on Grand Island are perfect for biking!

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