Thank you to the following Yamhill County residents and others who support me in my bid for County Commissioner (this list will keep expanding — come back to see more names!):

The News-Register (10/19/18)
Rick Olson
, Yamhill County Commissioner
Yamhill County Employee’s Association

Sid Friedman, Yamhill
Lee & Erma & Vasquez, McMinnville
Kevin & Carla Chambers, Amity
Sam Sweeney, Dayton
Joshua Simonson, Amity
Brian Doyle, Newberg
Mike & Amy Caruso, Dundee
Susan Whyte, Library Director, Linfield College, McMinnville
Barb & Dan Smith, Dayton
Sarah & Elliott Rector, Wooden Mallet Farm, Yamhill
Josh Rojas, McMinnville
Charlie Harris
, Newberg
Ellen & Tom Abrego
, Dundee
Sal Peralta
, McMinnville City Councilor
Sherill & Mike Roberts
, McMinnville
Bill Sweat & Donna Morris
, Winderlea Vineyard & Winery, Dundee
Dr. Joel Marrant, McMinnville
Robin & Lonnie Geck, Carlton
Donna BeLander, McMinnville
Sherry Collett, Carlton
Chelsey Williams, McMinnville
Annette Frank, Dayton
Robert Tracey, McMinnville
Valerie Anton, McMinnville
Jane Kristof, Yamhill
Jane Kneller & Michael Losonsky, McMinnville
David & Jodi Hansen, Newberg
Sarah Shipley, McMinnville
Gary & Kathleen Clark, McMinnville
Ilsa Perse, Carlton
Rich & Val Blaha, McMinnville
Fred Gerondale, McMinnville
Susan Sokol Blosser, Dundee
Meredith Mitchell Vineyards, LLC, McMinnville
Norvella Koelling, Yamhill
Arthur & Anne Engen, McMinnville
Annely Germaine, McMinnville
Floyd Prozanski, Oregon State Senator, 4th District
Zack Geary, McMinnville Planning Commission member
Larry Herdener & Patty Harris-Herdener
, Herdener Family Clinic, McMinnville
Beth Satterwhite & Erik Grimstad, Even Pull Farm, Amity
SEIU Local 503
Bethany Lee, Lafayette
Graham Rankin, McMinnville
Sandra Coates, McMinnville
Susan Karp & Ed Farrar, Amity
Martha O’Donnell, McMinnville
Diane & Rob Coleman, Yamhill
Cheryl Martin, McMinnville
Kurt & Patricia Swenson, Dayton
Daniel Cuppett, McMinnville
Tawna Sanchez, Oregon State Representative, 43rd District
UFCW Local 555
Matt Schrepel, Carlton
Kathleen Verigin, McMinnville
Sandy Burch, McMinnville
Brad Bales, Dayton
Marcia Mikesh, McMinnville
Valerie Nelson, McMinnville
Cindra Gray, Dundee
Madeline Bishop, McMinnville
Marsha Mackie, McMinnville
Jean Elmore, McMinnville
Arnie Hollander & Susan Watkins, McMinnville
Wayne & Kathy Beckwith, Dayton
Walter & Julie Want, Newberg
John & Patricia McGhehey, McMinnville
Tim Cross, McMinnville
Paul & Linette Studebaker, McMinnville
Joe & Eve Della Valle, McMinnville
Joey Mahan, McMinnville

“We need a commissioner with a new perspective who has the small business experience, education, temperament, and dedication to represent all Yamhill County’s citizens. Casey Kulla is that person.
~ Rick Olson, Yamhill County Commissioner