A fifth generation Oregonian, I was born and raised in nearby Lincoln City. I earned a Bachelors of Science in biochemistry and a Masters of Environmental Science in ecology from Western Washington University, where I also met Katie, my wife of 18 years. I worked as a plumber’s assistant for the university and later also served as a plumber at a remote retreat center in Washington.

In 2006, Katie and I moved to Yamhill County to start our farm, Oakhill Organics. We’ve been selling organic fruits and vegetables to our local community ever since and are raising our two children on our farm.

As a scientist, farmer, and rural resident, I will bring unique and important perspectives to the job of Yamhill County Commissioner.

My scientific background trained me in analyzing and making sense out of evidence about all kinds of complex situations, a skill that will be increasingly useful as Yamhill County looks ahead to a future of predicted growth.

As a farmer, I have experience operating a fiscally responsible, profitable, resource-based business. On our farm, I don’t just start projects; I complete them. As a local business owner, I have also worked with people from all parts of the county, both customers and fellow farmers and business owners, giving me a strong understanding of Yamhill County’s economy and the people who drive it.

Finally, as a rural resident, I have extensive land-use experience and am personally aware of how county decisions and policies directly affect Yamhill County residents — their lives, their businesses, and their property.

A May 18 News-Register analysis of the primary election results said that I have “proven to be a skilled and energetic campaigner,” and I look forward bringing my skills and energy to the Yamhill County board of commissioners as well!