January 17 meeting

Noteworthy items on this Thursday’s agenda:

  • Weekly open public comment period (3 minutes per person)
  • Discussing/voting whether to adopt an Inclusivity Proclamation for Yamhill County
  • Discussing/voting whether to approve design for three foot bridges on Yamhelas Westsider Trail
  • Discussing/voting whether to form task force for exploring moving county offices to new location
  • Discussing 2019 Commissioner liaison responsibilities

Important: This is NOT an official Yamhill County posting. This is a summary of meeting agenda items that I, as County Commissioner, think would be especially of interest to the public. For official Yamhill County postings and complete meeting agendas, visit the official website here.

Website update

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I just updated my website (caseykulla.com) to reflect my priorities for communication as Commissioner. I wanted to address information needs I had when I was a private citizen who wanted to get involved in county government. Here’s what you will be able to find on my website going forward: . Information about how county meetings work and when/where you can attend them . Updates on upcoming county agenda items and hearings . Resources for Spanish speakers (coming soon) . Information and updates about my work as Commissioner in general . Check it out! I will also share the updates via Facebook and Instagram, but I want to make sure that everyone can access this information even if they don’t follow social media. . Someday (soon!) I hope Yamhill County itself will employ a communications official to extend this same kind of public-oriented communication through an improved county website and social media presence, but for now I am going to do what I can to connect you to your government TODAY. . What else would you like to know about how Yamhill County functions and how you can get involved? . #communication #getinvolved #yamhillcounty

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Senator town hall meeting

Happy Holidays!

A park visit

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I am not officially Commissioner until I am sworn in on January 7th, but in the meantime I am keeping plenty busy attending meetings and meeting with people now so that I can hit the ground running in 2019. . On today’s schedule was meeting with everyone at the County Assessor’s office and attending the County Parks Advisory Board meeting. . And, speaking of parks, I also recently started another fun project: visiting with fresh eyes every Yamhill County Park over the next few months. . Just after Thanksgiving, I visited Deer Creek Park with the whole family and some friends, including a naturalist who provided extra insight into the ongoing native prairie restoration project there. We checked out the boardwalk (still in progress) and marveled at the abundant lichen hanging from the branches and falling on the ground. The kids picked some up and found some creative uses for it! . Which park should we visit next? . #yamhillcounty #latergram #preparing #researching #weloveparks #teasel #lichen

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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